August 04, 2022 - Flash Memory Summit
NEO Semiconductor Awarded “Best of Show” for Most Innovative Memory Technology

X-NAND Gen2 that enables 3D NAND flash memory with 20X faster write performance received top honors at Flash Memory Summit 2022

After officially announcing its groundbreaking technology, X-NAND Gen2, NEO Semiconductor captured the top prize at Flash Memory Summit 2022, winning the “Best of Show” award for the Most Innovative Memory Technology. This category addresses innovations that will change the way flash memory is used in products and raise the bar to new levels of performance, availability, endurance, scalability, and energy efficiencies.

“Whether it is QLC, TLC, or Storage Class Memory, semiconductor manufacturers are faced with the
challenge of advancing memory technology to new levels of performance, while reducing the cost of these solutions,” said Jay Kramer, Chairman of the Awards Program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc. “We are proud to recognize NEO Semiconductor’s X-NAND architecture for offering an excellent high-performance and low-cost memory technology that can not only meet the objectives of semiconductor companies but can also deliver compelling value for business and consumer storage solutions.”

“We are honored and thankful to accept this prestigious award, and I applaud the entire NEO
Semiconductor team for the hard work and dedication it has taken to make this ground-breaking
technology a reality,” said Andy Hsu, Founder and CEO of NEO Semiconductor. “This award recognizes
our efforts to introduce to the NAND market a truly innovative technology with a wide array of
capabilities that address the growing performance bottlenecks in IT systems and consumer products. X-NAND Gen2, which doubles throughput over X-NAND Gen1, enables the customer to achieve SLC-like
performance with larger capacity and lower cost QLC memory. X-NAND Gen2 incorporates zero-impact
architectural and design changes that do not increase manufacturing costs while offering extraordinary
throughput and latency improvements.”

NEO is the company behind the world’s fastest 3D NAND flash and lowest power DRAM memory
architectures. Visit NEO Semiconductor’s booth #211 @ Flash Memory Summit 2022, Santa Clara, CA.

About NEO Semiconductor
NEO Semiconductor is a high-tech company focused on advancing 3D NAND flash and DRAM memory
technologies. The company was founded in 2012 by Andy Hsu and a team in San Jose, California, and
owns more than 20 U.S. patents. In 2020, the company made a breakthrough in 3D NAND architecture
named X-NAND that can achieve SLC performance at TLC and QLC densities to provide high-speed, low
cost solutions for many applications, including 5G and AI. The company presented the X-NAND
architecture at Flash Memory Summit 2020 conference and won the Best of Show Award for the Most
Innovative Flash Memory Startup.

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